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1.09 Additions

AGC max now extends to ten seconds
I now creates intervals rounded to 1 KHz
SPC keystroke changes spectrum grid spacing
GS toggles grid spacing
S-Meter enlarged plus scales to window width
Graticule/bandpass intensity control is now labelled GRT
Information region compressed, enclosed in visible box
Run and Keys (changed to Ref) size-normalized
Cursor keys can now be used shifted without moving center freq
Control + cursor keys now adjust demodulator bandwidth
Anti-ringing filter now works in AM mode
Backspace toggles -Ri setting
SdrDx now indicates band / channel for hundreds of allocations
 Z shifts demod freq -5 KHz
 X shifts demod freq +5 KHz
 P key command removed; P now alternates waterfall palettes
50 to set up 50 Hz multi-octave filter
60 button to set up 60 Hz multi-octave filter
CL button to turn off all active notches
GC to change grid color
CW offset (CWO), readout added to primary UI
Left, Right, Up and Down cursor no longer auto-center when tuning (use X)
Bug where pressing zero-on-click would alter notch settings fixed
SQL + readout added to main panel
Noise squelch added to AM demodulator (for CB, ARO, etc.)
AMS led/switch to turn AM squelch on
Volume readout added
Graticule readout added
< AR, AR >, OPTION-L/R-Cursor: Prev/Next HAM band start to left of span
< BC, BC >, OPTION-U/D-Cursor: Prev/Next SW band start to left of span
APH control/indicator added: next/prev ham band seeks phone or cw edges
SPE control/indicator added: turn spectrum display on and off
WAT control/indicator added: turn waterfall display on and off
Statusline removed, incorporated into normal text display (saves display space)
Memory Load and Save capabilities added
Rearrange control panel
Updates to keystroke help dialog
Operations section added to documentation

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