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2.03 Additions

FUNcube Dongle VHF and up NB FM support
FCD activates FUNcube Dongle
Right-click on FCD allows setting various related parameters
COR LED shows application of new balance and phasing compensation
Scanning capability active with FCD installed and running
RTY scope mode added, with RHI (RTTY Hi Range Center F) button
CAR scope mode added, shows slow detail of carrier freq
All sliders now respond to mouse wheel with +/- 1
2.03 and forward will make new preferences settings
Some adjustments of initial defaults to accommodate new prefs
Mousewheel can now adjust left-mousebutton held demod edges
^ S reduces output buffer size (and latency). {bufsize} in info
^ L increases output buffer size (and latency). {bufsize} in info
"Troubleshooting" guide added to documentation
Two additional notch filters added, for a total of ten
Optional level-based squelch ( LSQ) or noise-based
Level-based squelch available for SSB modes
PEK control allows for either peak or average SMeter operation
SCP mode shows LSQ squelch level
DNR provides three levels of Dynamic Noise Reduction
Memories now store and recall CW offset
Memories now store and recall Squelch level
Recall of squelch enabled by MSQ control, on
SCP mode supports mousewheel and leftclick adjustment of squelch level
Signal display area fonts are now on top of graticule
F and SFS adjust font size for signal display
Right-click on SWF sets the save directory for waterfall images
USCG/ITU distress and post-contact channels added to database
Time stations moved 10 KHz off-center tuning to avoid -80 dB IQ spike with SDR-IQ
Sideband BW increased to accommodate SW/BC DRM transmissions
FM BW increased to accommodate satellite APT transmissions
New grid spacings: 2,4,6,8,12 and 16 horizontal divisions
ZRO indicator shows spike reduction is calibrating
Waterfall time markers documented
Spectrum peak tracking documented


Fixed up some tooltips I missed
crash on exit with record or save waterfall on
low-level networking bug corrected, was cause of random crashes
signal display area frequency display accuracy improved
Tooltips on +/- span were wrong, said "memory"
Some work on playback behaviors; still not 100% there, but closer
With DLL on (log mode), Decay slider responded improperly to mousewheel
Some font-drawing issues within signal area
Bandwidth limits not being obeyed on demod edges

Known Issues

You can set the demod frequency way off the center in 2.03. Don't do that.
dB level of playback and FCD are uncalibrated

Windows Only

FUNcube is cranky about sample rates on my VM. Don't have real machine to test with.

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