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2.06 Additions

PAN allows to pan demod freq side to side
PAN allows +/- 5 and 10 khz tuning to pan at span edges
Playback bar adds auto punch-in and punch-out loop markers
Right-clicking aux scope WTF offers FAX/SSTV guides, or none
Allows FCD tuning to 2,999,999.999 (2.999999999 gHz) for over-performing FUNcubes
Multi-line tooltips for multifunction buttons
50 Hz filter now standalone DSP code, does not use the notches
60 Hz filter now standalone DSP code, does not use the notches
TDM, 50 and 60 filters grouped
New meter models include VU metering, DNR metering
Windows FUNcube now defaults to 48000 so it will start first time
Aux Scope modes moved to right side of scope
CAR mode uses non-prop (Courier) font to display freqs
LAT button added to control audio latency (left/right click)
GMT/Local 12/24 hour clock
DNR DSP rewritten
DSP pipeline rewritten
DSP engine now applied equally across AM, FM, SSB, CW, SAM
Docs now incorporate all changelists
Docs add feature list, various improvements
Docs incorporate ads -- the application remains free.


Filter setup error with no sdr-fmems.sdm file
Filter indicator now follows recalled memory
HPF indicator availability indication now follows recalled memory
CAR mode now tracks center freq more reliably
Some debugging code removed
REC indicator turns green during FCD operation as it should
Rewrote entire TCP engine
RF display font size works again
Failure to recall memory if not FM with FCD
Playback now sets initial demod freq as displayed
RFSPACE KeepAlive moved to TCP thread to comply with Qt
Decreased KeepAlive interval for RFSPACE SDRs

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