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Additions up to SdrDx 2.15g rc18

In 2.15g rc18 PLY now uses the new dialogs.

In 2.15g rc17 File dialogs are now stateful per use and task: path, filter, options. This makes it very convenient to have separate folders for memories, audio palettes, waterfall palettes, and RF recordings. SdrDx will remember where they are, and what you like to call them, and display only those filesystem elements relevant to your task.

In 2.15g rc16 I have replaced the standard file dialog with one of my own. Several reasons.

First, OS X jams the system up the first time or two you open the OS X file dialog, and that fouls SdrDx up, because it is unable to update the display, buffers get too full, etc. So that's bad.

Second, Qt 4.7, bless its pointy little head, dumps a whole bunch of errors to the system console when it opens the OS X dialog. That gets in my way when I'm trying to see if I caused any errors.

Third, I'm simply not fond of the way OS X jumbles folders in with files. I like my way better. I'll be interested in any feedback about this, of course.

Lastly, OS X makes me hunt for the files I want, in and among the files I don't want, which is just basically annoying. So, hearkening back to Imagemaster days, I recalled building a file dialog for another operating system and replacing it, for reasons I considered similarly in-my-face. Yes, it's something new to learn. No, it's not difficult to learn. At all.

in 2.15g rc15 adds automatic centering to the multipath mode of the aux scope.

in 2.15g rc14 extends PPM frequency correction individually to all known radio types. This means that you can have multiple SDR types available to SdrDx and they will each have their own PPM correction. See this documentation.

in 2.15g rc13 NET dialog now has "" convenience checkmark for those of you who are using servers on the same machine. No discovery required, etc, just check-and-go.

in 2.15g rc12 RTLSVR preset sample rates chosen.

in 2.15g rc12 HLP now returns the beta docs in the beta version. Should have thought of that before.


n 2.15g rc11 a second Left-click CAR sets the WFM spectrum to 60 KHz instead of 100 KHz. This is more useful for stations that are not broadcasting SCA (which you can immediately determine with the 100 KHz wide mode.)

in 2.15g rc11 a second Right-click CAR flips the WFM spectrum guides.

in 2.15g rc9 Right-click SCN sets the scan rate.

in 2.15g rc7 pressing HBL or FMm no longer resets the peak display in SPE or VEC.

in 2.15g rc7 Right-clickSDR opens network SDR frequency correction dialog. Values in Hz.

in 2.15g rc6 Custom sample rate limit to 6 GHZ in SDR.

in 2.15g rc6 RTY blinks when attempting to decode.

in 2.15g rc5 170 Hz shift radioteletype demodulation. Click RTY, and be sure to experiment with the INL control next to it.

in 2.15g rc3 Pressing "OK" in the SND dialog now forces exit from SdrDx - requires restart to take effect.

in 2.15g rc3 There is now a fixed span size adjustment in the SDR dialog

in 2.15g rc3 Custom now includes a bandwidth setting in the SDR dialog

in 2.15g rc2 Overspan is now a checkable option in the SDR dialog

in 2.15g rc2 VEC+ PKS peak tracking reset-on-start fix

in 2.15g rc1 Stereo peak tracking for both SPE and VEC

in 2.15g --Z and ++z added

in 2.15e Noise generator: NOI = pink noise. NOI = white noise. NOI = noise generator off.

in 2.15e Custom grid settings to match SDR sample rates may now be set in the SDR dialog

in 2.15e Custom sample rates may now be entered in the SDR dialog

in 2.15e AFEDRI sample rates now compensate for odd clock frequencies as per Alex.

in 2.15e SAM now acts more consistently between upper, lower, and dual sideband alternation

in 2.15e EXPERIMENTAL: You can now increase the span to 1.25% of the ideal; this allows you to see and use (the usually reduced quality) signals nearer the edge of the SDR's sampled data. You still don't want to push the edge of the demodulation region past the edges of the sampled region.

in 2.15d WFM High Blend adjustment mode for for SPE scope mode. See the tip on Customizing High Blend for usage details.

in 2.15d WFM Multipath Display for scope mode X/Y. This is enabled with a second click on X/Y.

in 2.15d HBL (High-Blend) added for WFM. Right-click HBL for settings. I start with a 1986 Hz crossover and a +211 Hz overlap. However, I have old ears. Set to taste.

in 2.15d X/Y Scope improved

in 2.15c Adds Top knob control over X/Y scope gain for WFM

in 2.15b Adds RDS indicator

in 2.15b Adds scamode 0,1,2 to the TCP command set to select wide FM, 67 or 92 KHz SCA, respectively.

in 2.15b Adds mode 7 to the TCP mode command to select wide FM.

in 2.15b Adds 67 and 92 KHz SCA. Press WFM repeatedly to change WFM to SCA and SCB, then back to WFM.

in 2.15a In WFM mode, the low-bandwidth audio processing pipeline is bypassed; this means that LPF, HPF, TDM, 50, 60, DNR, -Ri and the notch filters do not process WFM audio.

in 2.15a SCP is now dual trace in FM stereo

in 2.15a X/Y now displays channel separation in FM stereo

in 2.15a SPE is now dual trace in FM stereo

in 2.15a VEC is now dual trace in FM stereo

in 2.15a "Stereo" checkmark removed from SND dialog.

in 2.15a Added WFM stereo demodulation

in 2.15a Added FMm force monophonic reception

in 2.15a Right-click CAR or Right-click CAR in WFM mode brings up a set of spectrum markers for the WFM signal: R+L audio, FM stereo pilot in its guard band, R-L suppressed sideband subcarrier center and bandwidth, RDBS center and bandwith, 57 KHz SCA center and bandwidth, FM Pilot 4th harmonic, and 92 KHz SCA center and bandwidth. Most useful in CAR mode. Further, right-dragging in the scope display area will re-position the marker group. Left-dragging in the scope display area positions a variable frequency marker.

in 2.15a VEC scope now offers peak averaging

in 2.15a WFM scope 100 KHz CAR demod RF mode added (alternates with clicks on CAR)

in 2.15a WFM RBDS/RDS 57 KHz station ID and station class demodulation and reporting

in 2.15a WFM stereo pilot tone detect added: ST indicator

in 2.15a WFM scope 15 KHz SPE and VEC modes added

in 2.15a WFM scope 100 KHz CAR raw RF mode added

in 2.15a WFM demodulation added - no more WFM !!!

Fixes up to 2.15g rc18
in 2.15g, Bug in demodulation pipeline causing distortion at some samples rates fixed.
in 2.15g, Bug where recalling a memory set incorrect visual states for WFM controls and the audio pipeline fixed.
in 2.15f, Regression where normal scope modes had slowed down fixed.
in 2.15a, Bug where notch indicators did not follow demodulator drag fixed.
in 2.15a, Bug in cross-thread graphics code fixed.
in 2.15a, Bug in WFM demodulator code fixed.
in 2.15a, Bug in WFM playback code fixed.

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