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Looking for bugfixes? I list them here.

Additions in SdrDx 2.19 (up to 2.19n)

() 2.19... is cooking. Smell that? It's my brain burning.

(47) 2.19m
added 'getsdr:0' TCP/UDP command and 'sdrname:NAME 'response

(46) 2.19m
added 'pickbw:N' (1-7) TCP/UDP command

(45) 2.19m
added 'setmcres:N' TCP/UDP command

(44) 2.19m
added 'exit:0' TCP/UDP command

(43) 2.19m
added 'locallabels:0' TCP/UDP command

(42) 2.19k
Serial # added to About dialog

(41) 2.19j
Improved some code efficiency, saved a few CPU cycles here and there

(40) 2.19i
Behavior change for AFE822x SDR; dual mode was not setting and un-setting properly

setgrid IPC command added

(39) 2.19h
Added "Twitch" setting in the DSP dialog; this is a work-around to deal with some problems with Apple's display drivers for some graphics hardware.

The problem is that when SdrDx is left alone for a while, a queue of un-answered messages builds up, so when you go back after a few hours and click into the application, OS X hangs for many seconds while it deals with all the unanswered messages.

However, if the application window is moved, the messages are dealt with — so what Twitch does, when checked, is move the main window up and down one pixel every thirty seconds. This causes OS X to deal with a small number of queued messages, and prevents the long stalls that were occurring.

Note that some graphics hardware does not evidence this problem; for instance, I have a 2/4 core Mac Mini that never stalls. If you're not seeing this kind of UI stall, you don't need to turn on Twitch.

(38) 2.19g
"xposition" and "yposition" added to IPC command set

(37) 2.19g
Aeronautical bands added to internal DB

(36) 2.19g
Marine bands added to internal DB

(35) 2.19g
Aeronautical band bar indications added

(34) 2.19g
Marine band bar indications added

(33) 2.19g
Next and previous marine band key functions added

(32) 2.19g
Next and previous aeronautical band key functions added

(31) 2.19g
Next and Previous AR buttons, when shifted, move to next and previous aeronautical bands

(30) 2.19g
Next and Previous SW buttons, when shifted, move to next and previous marine bands

(29) 2.19g
Added setspan:Hz command to UDP/TCP command set.

(28) 2.19g
Added more UI color settings in the color settings dialog.

Band bars (x5).

(27) 2.19g
Added more UI color settings in the color settings dialog.

Frequency legends, zone legends.

(26) 2.19g
Color Settings Dialog moved from Right-click RAT to re-purposed Left-clickCOL (color), which used to be the GC (grid color) button.

(25) 2.19g
VFOs will now allow changes when CLK is on, if doing so won't change the center frequency.

(24) 2.19g
Added more UI color settings in the color settings dialog.

Backdrop RF gradient colors, demod trace color, demod fill color, grid color, demod trail fill color.

(23) 2.19g
Under OS X 10.12.6, I have discovered that the image save and image copy to clipboard functions are having problems. One of the problems is that the images are vertically inverted; so to address this if and when it happens (not entirely sure why it's happening, so I just made it an option), I've added a checkbox to the colors dialog:   ImgInv  — if you check this box, the image will be flipped before it is saved or copied to the clipboard. There are other problems here; the first saves/copies are colored funny, and some of them don't work at all. I hope to figure this out, but it may be that as of 10.12.6, they just won't work any longer.

(22) 2.19g
Added 2m APRS freqs, as well as 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm calling freqs to internal DB

(21) 2.19g
Added dbm:0 command and dbmreport:N response to IPC system.

(20) 2.19g
TIP now has an additional TIP mode where tooltips are only shown for memories, and only if MTI is on, and these are directed to the RTTY area. Details here.

(19) 2.19g
Add audio gain trims for all demodulator modes in the DMD dialog.

(18) 2.19g
Added color-to-color spread capability to the palette editor.

(17) 2.19g
Three more colors added to the color settings dialog: the frequency marker lines, and a new outline color, in waterfall mode.

(16) 2.19g
The MIDI setup dialog (accessed with Right-clickMDI) now has a setting to entirely disable MIDI; this is in case you are using MIDI musically, and MIDI messages from your instruments are prodding SdrDx, or vice-versa. Most people don't use the MIDI interface, so the feature now defaults to off. Changing the state requires altering the checkbox setting, selecting OK in the dialog, then quitting and restarting SdrDx. If you are using MIDI, the default of no MIDI will disable what you've been doing, and you'll need to change the state of this checkbox.

(15) 2.19g
Right-click INL will now clear the RTTY text area.

(14) 2.19f
TIP has a new function, activated by a second Left-click that results in TIP which will generate the tooltips into the RTTY display area instead of into a conventional tooltip. This was done because tooltip functionality under recent versions of OS X is broken, and users could not see the tooltip text under those OS versions. TIP is still no tooltips other than the memories if MTI is on; TIP results in normal tooltips (which may be broken as noted), and TIP generates the tooltips to the RTTY area.

(13) 2.19e
VFO's now provide FIFOs, which are First-In, First-Out memories of the most recent places you have tuned within each VFO's bandstack. In the VFO dialog, the time it takes to memorize a new tuning is variable from 1 to 60 seconds (using the FIFO time edit box) and the number of FIFO memories is variable from 2 to 16 (using the FIFOs edit box.) You can access the next and previous FIFO memories with Left-clickF > and Left-click< F respectively, or key functions 398 (Next FIFO) and 397 (Previous FIFO) respectively. These are session-local; they are not saved when you exit the program.

Key function 399 (Clear FIFOs), Right-click< F, or Right-clickF > will clear the active VFO's FIFOs. At this point, the timer starts again, and if the tuned frequency remains stable for the number of seconds specified in the VFO dialog's FIFO time edit box, this will be the first entry in the FIFO.

(12) 2.19e
FT8 data transmission frequencies added for all amateur bands 160m through 6m. 14074, etc.

(11) 2.19e
I have made an internal change that alters how alpha / opacity is saved from the color controls Save button. This will cause the alpha not to load properly from previously saved color settings files. New saves will return the correct value. This change was made to make alpha generally available for future color settings. Sorry about the incompatibility; but it's easy to get past, just fix the level and re-save. This change only affects the RF waveform fill color, because that's the only color with an alpha modifier so far.

(10) 2.19e
The load file dialog now obeys   Enforce Filter file extensions . Previously, only saves did this. What this does is allows immediate loads of Filenames that have no extension, as long as the file exists with that extension. Otherwise, you could click "Load" with "default" in the filename, and "default.ext" might exist, but it would not load because it was trying to load "default", not "default.ext"

(9) 2.19c
I've removed the information in the documentation covering style sheets. I'm phasing them out in favor of active, GUI-based color controls.

(8) 2.19c
Added alpha (opacity) slider to color controls for use with (for now) the main waterfall fill color.

(7) 2.19b
Color controls for demod freq, center freq, LED readouts and clock added to the color dialog.

(6) 2.19b
I have added a checkbox to the MIDI setup dialog that must be checked before SdrDx's MIDI learn mode will activate. The reason for this is that various customers accidentally activated the mode with a Right-click on a slider, or an errant press of ESC. The new checkbox defaults to off, so this won't happen any longer. For those few customers using MIDI, it adds one step to the process. You can even leave the checkbox on if you're so inclined and SdrDx will then behave as it did previously, always watching for ESC and Right-click on sliders for "hot" MIDI association.

(5) 2.19b
VFOs can now save/recall span and grid settings.

(4) 2.19b
Operation of RWF changed. Previously, you had eight color choices for the spectrum color fill. Now you can set the fill color using Right-click RAT, and RWF just turns the fill on and off.

(3) 2.19b
CWU and CWL positions swapped to match order of LSB + USB and FSL + FSU

(2) 2.19b
Since the UI changes from time to time in the beta, I built a beta-version button / slider / LED locator so users of the beta releases would not be confused by the incorrect control location displays — now the beta and the release versions have their own locator tools. As always, beta efforts may not quite track each other, whereas the release versions do. Or at least should...

(1) 2.19b
Made some room for the notch displays to get that little bit "fatter" look for the LED segments. This change altered I and C into horizontal controls, and moved them. It also gave us a little more physical range on F.

(0) 2.19a
Initial Release.

Bug fixes in SdrDx 2.19 (up to 2.19n)

(11) 2.19n
Fixed bug in pickbw:N IPC command.

(10) 2.19n
Fixed bug in setmcres:N IPC command.

(9) 2.19g
SPL changed to SPL in the aux scope WTF mode; but SPL has been working in WTF mode for some time now. Fixed.

(8) 2.19g
Tooltips off/on/on state were not being recalled correctly on startup. Fixed.

(7) 2.19g
In 2.19 of relatively recent vintage, I broke the aux scope's FM carrier display mode; that's working again. Sorry about that.

(6) 2.19g
Okay, this time I really did fix the startup crash bug mentioned in #5.

(5) 2.19g
There was a race condition that was occurring, most often with the new "native" graphics engine, that could cause an occasional crash on startup. I think that's fixed. If you have crashes on startup, I'd really like to hear about them, particularly if you can provide the text in the System Report.
EDIT: Sigh. No. Not fixed. Well, part of it was fixed, but still a problem.

(4) 2.19g
I have resolved the blank tooltips and certain menu-based controls bug; it was caused by an OS X / QT interaction between the "raster" graphics subsystem and OS X 10.12 (and I presume, later versions of OS X.) The solution is to use QT's "native" graphics subsystem under 10.12; "native" is slower than "raster", but machines running 10.12 are going to have more computing / graphics power than earlier machines so I think it'll be okay. It runs fine here, but I have a pretty robust system. We'll see if there is feedback to the contrary.

I am leaving the new-ish capability to display the tooltips in the RTTY are intact; because why not.

(3) 2.19e
Color set dialog was not forcing a refresh of changed colors on default set, cancel, and load. Now it does.

(2) 2.19d
Crash when saving from set colors dialog. Fixed.

(1) 2.19b
Graticule in CAR scope mode was not obeying the color from the Color Setting dialog. Fixed.

(0) 2.19a
Initial release

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